Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tips for Running on Icy Roads and Sidewalks

I am willing to run in almost any temperature, but the weather condition most likely to keep me inside is ice covered roads and sidewalks.

Last night I started my long run just after sunset. Earlier in the day we had about an inch of wet snow. During the day most of the snow melted but the sidewalks and roads didn't have time to dry leaving a thin film of moisture on all surfaces and standing water in low spots like cracks and dips in the sidewalk. I ran over and around many icy spots on the asphalt paths and concrete sidewalks in my running area.

When running in the dark (usually without a headlamp or with the benefit of street lamps) this is how I avoid ice:

1. Look out for "shiny" spots which usually means ice

2. Run, step, or jump over cracks

3. Avoid tar poured into cracks on asphalt paths

4. Look for duller colored spots on asphalt paths as this is usually dry pavement

5. Slow down as I approach turns and street crossings

6. Shorten my stride

7. Keeping looking ahead 10 to 20 feet instead of down at my feet

I only had a couple of foot slips and no falls last night. My only mis-judgement was the depth of some slush where a driveway crossed the sidewalk. I took a full right foot soaker at about the mid-point of my run. Fortunately it was in the low 30s (F) and my foot didn't get too cold.

What are your tips for running on ice or avoiding ice?

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