Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 Miles x 2 Times

Tonight was a long tempo run (or maybe long intervals). Coach asked me to run an easy warm-up, run 2 miles, rest for 2 minutes, and then run another 2 miles.

Tempo running, generally at a faster than marathon pace, is my favorite type of running. I like the effort and the euphoria from the speed, but don't miss the after effects of a long run.

I am new to using a heart rate monitor so during the rest I was thinking about how much my heart rate might drop during the rest period and then if I would get back to the same level as the first two mile effort or if it would be higher. As I look at this Garmin data I am pleased with the drop and the return to about the same level of exertion.

After the 2nd two mile interval I ran easy the rest of the way home.

Do you run with a heart rate monitor? What do you look for in your HR monitor data? 

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