Saturday, February 4, 2012

Long Run aka Puddle Jumping

Our unseasonably warm winter continues. Although the roads are dry the melting snowbanks are leaving big puddles where the sidewalks cross the roads or where the sewer drains are still blocked with snow and ice. Thus yesterday's long run was regularly interrupted as I tried to navigate my way around puddles and my son tried to find his way around on his bike.

As an early season "long run" this was a relatively short run. I warmed up for about a mile to remove the lingering stiffness and soreness from Thursday and then tried to run a steady 5 miles at just over 8 minutes per mile. I felt good and was able to keep a steady pace except for the aforementioned puddle jumps.

Hat tip to my son. He has done back to back 6+ mile bike rides. I can't imagine there are many kids his age in central Wisconsin that are logging bike miles this early in the year.

Downward spikes show slow downs to run around the puddles. Long and wide spike is waiting for a traffic light

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