Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vitamins and Supplements for Distance Runners

An interesting "In the News: Athletes and Vitamins" post at the Athlete's Heart blog (a must read in my opinion) got me thinking about why I take a daily multi-vitamin. I am not sure why?

I don't recall my primary care physician suggesting I take a MV. I also don't recall him telling me to stop.

Perhaps I just succumbed to a lifetime of marketing messages about the importance of a daily MV. I am taking the official MV of Major League Baseball after all.

As for other supplements ... I have never even been in a GNC store. Those big containers of powders scare me. I simply don't have the time to understand what is in those containers and why I might want to have a big shake/slurry of supplement once a day.

How do I get vitamins and minerals:

1. Daily multi-vitamin

2. Leafy green vegetables

3. Other vegetables

4. Fruit (I should eat more than I do)

5. Other stuff?

I think there is some benefits to a daily beer ... or so I have heard. I might go test that theory.

Do you use vitamins and supplements to improve your running or to help stay healthy? 


  1. I take a Men's MV, some Vitamin C / Echinacea, and Omega 3s. Why? I don't know. I know the science is flimsy at best. Anecdotally, I haven't been sick since I've started taking them, but that also corresponded with my change in schedule. I used to work nights and was sick all the time. I have no doubt that the real improvement in my health was the result of going to day shift (and ultimately a job that encouraged me to sleep whenever tired - so long as I wasn't in the middle of a call). I doubt the supplements contribute much of anything. But, why fiddle with something that may be working and probably doesn't hurt? The best part is all those supplements come in gummy bear form. I think that is main reason why I take them.

  2. Ahhh ..... sleep, the ultimate supplement.

    How much sugar in those Gummy bear vitamins?

  3. Good question, why take vitamins and supplements? I think just because we think that vitamins can help us to be healthier and live longer.