Sunday, January 20, 2013

Goofy Challenge ... My tips for a successful weekend of running

I had an awesome experience running the Goofy Challenge (half marathon (race recap) Saturday and full marathon (race recap) Sunday). I had fun running, met my time goals, and still enjoyed time with my family in the theme parks the days before, during, and after. This is what worked for me.

1. Back to back long training runs. I ran half of my Sunday training run distance on Saturday. Thus if Sunday was an 18 mile run I ran 9 miles on Saturday.

2. Running two other days a week. I ran a combination of easy runs with strides, intervals and tempo runs on Tuesday and Thursday each week so I had a rest day before and after my long runs.

3. I took the taper seriously and significantly decreased my mileage, continued core work, and did lots of stretching. (notes from the taper) Even though my last 20 mile run was three weeks before race weekend I felt well rested.

4. Mindset to run easily and comfortably. I was determined to have fun before, during, and after the race and made sure my pace reflected that determination.

5. Previous experience of going out to fast, not managing my pace mid race, and then feeling dead tired at the end has been a valuable teacher.

6. I am not sure if there is research to support the wearing of compression socks or calf sleeves during or after a long run, but my experience is that they help. I ran each race with compression calf sleeves. I also slept with the calf sleeves Friday and Saturday night. I wore compression like knee high socks all day Saturday and Sunday. My general motto about running apparel and products ... if it seems to help keep doing it. If it doesn't stop. It seems to help me. Plus I get lots of compliments about my high black socks.

7. Adequate hydration, nutrition, and core temperature control. I made an effort to drink PowerAde at every aid station during both races, used water splashes to my face, head, and neck for some cooling, and when I could I ran in the shade. I also consumed race provided Clifshots, bananas, and my own PowerBar gel.

Hardware (from right to left ... half marathon, Goofy challenge, full marathon)

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  1. Good stuff. I'll use this in July when I do back to back triathlons.