Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Notes from #Goofy Challenge Taper

I am in the final days of my taper for the Goofy Challenge on Saturday and Sunday. A colleague asked, "How is your taper going?"
  1. This taper feels pretty loose because I have modest time goals for both events. I am not attempting a PR. My top goals are to have fun, enjoy the experience, and still have enough energy to have a great WDW with my family. 
  2. Tapering during the holidays is both good and bad. Good because there is a lot going on to fill the time void that is normally spent running. Bad because some of those commitments prevented me from doing runs I needed to do. Bad because of the extra calories available at those holiday events. 
  3. Bonus time has allowed me to do some other things - set-up AV for our treadmill, go ice skating with my kids, do a lot of blog writing. 
  4. Destination racing has additional logistics - packing, transportation and lodging details, that have occupied some of my time and also caused a bit of additional stress. 
To some degree I feel "over tapered" and worried that I haven't done enough running or cross training in the last two weeks. This is a contrast to most of my marathons where I have felt "under tapered" and find myself at the starting line not as fresh or vibrant as I wish. 

Regardless, I am excited for the Goofy Challenge. 

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