Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Night Time Bike Ride - Lighting System

Since the time change two weeks ago I have had a few bike rides after dark. I enjoy running and biking after dark, primarily because it makes the familiar routes seem new. When I run I wear reflective clothing and a flashing light on my waist, but I usually eschew a headlamp. I like the challenge of finding the path.

For night time bike riding I think I have finally found the right light combination:
  • 2 watt handlebar mounted light
  • Knog frog light, white bulb, strapped to my helmet
  • Knog frog light, red bulb, strapped to seat post
  • Road ID Supernova, blue bulb, attached to back of jacket
In addition I wear a reflective vest.

In a future post I will share my layering system to stay warm during a bike ride when the temps are well below freezing.


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