Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Presidential Campaign by the Numbers

Since the January 3, 2012 Iowa Primary (what I consider to be the official start of the Presidential campaign) I have compiled these stats and numbers - some important and some not important.

0 ... political television ads watched (I am forever grateful for the DVR)

0 ... robo calls answered

0 ... conversations with door to door canvassers

0 ... reviews of over-sized post cards or leaflets

0 ... campaign events attended (this was more from a lack of availability than a desire)

0 ... candidate banner ads clicked (although tempted to help spend the candidates money while supporting some of my favorite websites)

0 ... dollars donated to Super PACs

1 ... primary vote cast

1... general election vote cast

4 ... battleground states run in (Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, and Ohio)

6 ... races run in (see race reports)

8 ... total states run in (the above plus Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Arizona)

Countless ... articles read in local, state, and national newspapers (online editions)

Countless ... political podcasts and radio shows listened to (online as well)

1212 ... miles run on streets and trails

How about you? How many miles have you logged since January 3?

Go Vote!

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