Saturday, March 10, 2012

Too Many Questions for a Saturday Morning Run

1. What is the weather like?

2. Is it windy?

3. Should I wear shorts?

4. What direction is the wind coming from?

5. Should I run on the trail?

6. Which direction should I run on the trail?

7. Are there other people out running?

8. What are they wearing?

9. Are they wearing shorts?

10. Do you think I should wear shorts?

11. Can I use your watch?

12. Where is the turn around for the 4 mile route?

12a. If I ran 4 miles out and 4 miles back would that be 8 miles?

12c. Should I turn around at Bonniewell?

13. Are you impressed with my stretching?

14. How long will it take me to run?

15. If you were listening to me and I wouldn't have to ask so many questions. What are you doing?

My only question, "When are you leaving?"

Also notable, silly runners, running tights are for winter.

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