Monday, March 12, 2012

Easy Run Tips

Is there such a thing as an easy run?

Today coach prescribed 30 minutes of easy running. I heeded coach's instructions and left my house after work/school with my son leading the way on his bike. We did one of our usual loops with some slight variations.

To keep a run at an easy pace try these tips.

1. Don't have a specific route, mileage, or time goal.

2. Run with a slower runner or kid on a bike.

3. Don't look at your GPS watch.

4. Carry an easy conversation without any pauses for breaths.

5. Stay close to home to avoid an errant turn that extends your mileage.

6. Leave the food and fuel at home so you have to return.

7. Stop occasionally to say hi to a neighbor, admire the scenery, or enjoy something you might breeze past on a day you are trying to hit pace goals.

How do you keep your easy runs easy?

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