Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Everyone Poops...

It's the one hour mark on my long run and I have that feeling again. It's like clockwork. No matter what I eat or how many hours it's been since I last ate I feel the urge. Running gets my GI track running. The feeling comes on quickly and urgently. I rarely have more then a quarter mile to find a place to stop and squat. In the summer I run fairly remote trails and there are plenty of places to go. Once I'm done I feel like I'm a new man.

The winter is a bit more problematic. Now I'm running in-town on roads. Folks don't take kindly to me using their landscaping as a pit stop. I've had to plan my runs so I'm in the business district when I hit 60 minutes of running. The other day I miscalculated and found myself deep in a residential area after an hour. I almost started going door to door. I came upon a baseball park, but the Rec Department had locked up the bathrooms for the winter. Disaster almost struck, but I was able to find a friendly espresso stand.

Anyone else have this problem? What have you done to prevent an accident? Should I run with Depends?


  1. Common problem ... at least for me as well.

    Careful route planning.

    Run laps close to home or around known open locations.

    More caffeine.

    Short exercise early in the day, before the run, to get things moving.

  2. Sheree did have to educate me on who Katniss was. We'll let everyone else wonder how that relates to bowel movements and running.

  3. I used to wonder why runners talked about this topic, like it was some kind of big deal or something. Just go at home before you go out... and then... it didn't work for me anymore. I say avoid the coffee before you run unless you can be sure it will be productive :)